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Academic Area

The home of the New Age of Dentistry

Instituto Implante Vida has a modern infrastructure, totally focused on high-performance treatments. Not only in functional rehabilitation but also in dental aesthetics, we provide our patients treatments with the latest technological equipment and specialized professionals, which ensure a higher level of satisfaction to the most demanding patients with the most complex needs.

Dr. Jose Marcio B. L. do Amaral, a professional with 20 years of experience in teaching and practicing Implantology, started in 2006 the fulfilment of his dream of creating a complete and innovative clinic. This ideal led to the inauguration of Instituto Implante Vida, on March 19, 2007 and remains in constant renewal until the present day.

This modern and innovative structure could only be created and maintained by those seeking to be always updated. Dr. Jose Marcio Amaral, since his graduation, has been dedicated to both, academic area as well as office practice. With specializations in Dentistry and Implantology, contributes to the formation of new professionals in Brazil and abroad, through the coordination of highly specialized courses and offers his patients the most modern treatments and advanced techniques.

Welcome to Instituto Implante Vida, where we combine the technological advantages of the most modern treatments, with the attention and care for people who are prepared to serve you fully.

New Dentistry

Dentistry is constantly evolving and has incorporated several innovations in other technological areas, either in image or in 3D. Following up these innovations and even contributing to these advances is one of the principles of Instituto Implante Vida. Our structure has the latest equipment available on the market and trained professionals to get the best that this equipment can provide, ensuring the patients that they will always receive a state-of-art treatment, the result of the perfect union between knowledge and digital technology. Watch our videos and get to know the best technology that your smile and oral health can receive.

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