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Smile of the stars

The smile of the stars can be yours.


There are plenty of models to illustrate the perfection of the smile of the stars, linear and ultra light. The “Hollywood Star” Tom Cruise as well as the Brazilian artists Reinaldo Gianechini and Regina Duarte are examples of that. Besides indicating success, the smile, as many researches point out, is the most striking feature of the composition of our faces.

In many of these smiles the “secret of this masterpiece” is the dental veneers which are a type of contact lenses for teeth. Veneers have many aesthetic advantages, besides improving the color and shape of the teeth, they are easy to bond. This is a fast and much less invasive procedure (much less wear out) in three stages: Evaluation, Preparation and Bonding. Patients can enjoy the results of these veneers which are resistant, durable and provide aesthetic change harmonizing their smile.

“Based on the reaction of the patients, we can say that the feedback is very positive, thanks to the influence on self-esteem and confidence acquired. People represented by a perfect smile convey harmony”. To reach these results we use several technological tools, from computer graphics for the virtual planning, to ultra definition scanner which allows us to have the basis for a 3D printing. With all this technology, we associate aesthetic and architectural concepts applied together to scientific knowledge. It is important to highlight that all these benefits, available in the main clinics in the United States and Europe, are practiced in Santos by professionals of our institute. We spread this knowledge to dentists, all over the world, during exchange partnerships with local universities and Latin America as well as well-known professionals as the American, Maurice Salama. “I believe that the phrase of William James complements very well the presentation of this new aesthetic concept and closes the issue on the theme: We don’t smile because we are happy, we are happy because we smile.”

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