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One Day Visit

Carrying out treatments that contribute to the aesthetics and oral health, focusing on procedures on a single day, with speed, privacy and security is what the One Day Visit gives to patients. The conclusion of this type of treatment is much faster, thus, eliminates the need for multiple visits to the clinic and leaves more time for your own appointments.


Make use of this differential that Instituto Implante Vida offers you.

Most dental restoring methods require more than one visit to the dentist. This means that on the first visit the patient receives an injection of anesthesia, tooth preparation, conventional molding and temporary installation. A second visit is set for days or even weeks later, if the temporary tooth does not fall before.

But today, at Instituto Implante Vida, this was solved:

Now, patients can undergo many dental treatments on a single day, with the One Day Visit.
This is possible due to the union of the Institute professionals’ clinical expertise together with the CEREC® technology. For the patients, this means fewer injections, less trauma and less time out of their busy schedule for dental care combined with the CEREC technology.

Benefits of One Day Visit CEREC®:

  • No temporary restorations.
  • High quality and strength of ceramics
  • Less invasive
  • Fewer injections and discomfort
  • Less visits to the dentist
  • Long lasting Restorations
  • Fully biocompatible

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