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Surgery Zero%

The most modern technique of Guided Surgery.

Surgery Zero% is a technique carried out without scalpel, no incision and no stitches. It allows us to have better planning and predictability. The advantage is the quick recovery of the patient, minimizing the possibility of pain. This is possible thanks to the surgical planning in a virtual environment, which generates a guide that will conduct the Guided Surgery without the need for incisions and sutures.

Day Implant

Immediate load on the same day.

Who does not want to undergo the procedures and go out smiling on the same day? With the “Day Implant” you can! It is an amalgamation of modern surgical and prosthetic techniques where we can simplify procedures and finalize the treatment on the same day of the surgery! It is the appropriate treatment for edentulous patients, or even partially edentulous and it depends, mainly, on the patient’s bone quality and initial stability of implants at the time of the surgery.

Zygomatic Surgery

Lack of bone structure is no longer a problem

Procedure for patients with missing bone structure, often replacing the bone grafts, reducing surgical trauma and accelerating the completion of treatment. Instituto Implante Vida is accredited in this technique, having, successfully, carried out more than 80 cases since 2006. The clinic is fully prepared to accomplish this procedure, having an anesthesiologist and life control monitor on site.

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